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The Gallery Collection

Title: Style Number: Edition Limit: 1983 Retail: Our Price:
Love Letter RL-400 5000 $650 CALL
Summer Stock RL-401 5000 $750 CALL
Practice Makes Perfect RL-402 5000 $725 $600
Young Love RL-403 5000 $600 CALL
Daydreamer RL-404 5000 $450 CALL
Court Jester RL-405 5000 $600 CALL
Springtime of  '27 RL-406 5000 $450 CALL


Although it's a little known fact, in 1983, LLadro reproduced seven of Norman Rockwell's famous paintings in figurine form. These stunning, three-dimensional Norman Rockwell LLadros did not show up in any LLadro catalogs until 1998 and were never distributed through authorized LLadro dealers. Just these two facts alone make these figurines a curiosity.

Some time before 1983, David Grossman of David Grossman Designs of New York approached Weil Ceramics - the exclusive distributor of LLadro porcelains in the United States at that time - with the idea of LLadro reproducing Norman Rockwell paintings as figurines. Weil Ceramics contacted LLadro who agreed to produce seven of the Rockwell Figurines. They are: Court Jester, Daydreamer, Springtime of '27, Summer Stock, Love Letter, Young Love, and Practice Makes Perfect. They are between eight and twelve inches tall and slightly more colorful than most LLadros. Each one is done beautifully, and the attention to detail is unbelievable. Norman Rockwell would have been proud!

These figurines were to be Limited Editions, limited to 5,000 each. They were distributed through David Grossman Designs to David Grossman's dealers. But during the early years, the public appeared to find these figurines to be too expensive for the average collector, and therefore the sales were very slow.

When Mr. Weil of Weil Ceramics passed away, his wife decided to sell the Weil Ceramics warehouse in New Jersey to Lladro. That's when Weil Ceramics ceased to exist and LLadro USA was born. Also at that point, the association between Mr. Grossman, Weil Ceramics, and LLadro ended; and Lladro discontinued production of the Norman Rockwell figurines. At that time, however, there were still a number of undistributed pieces on the shelves in the warehouse and in the LLadro factory in Spain - produced but not yet shipped. Today we believe that at least 2,000 of each design were probably manufactured, but where each piece stopped production between 2,000 and 5,000 is a question for which there is no answer. It's just one more mystery that makes these pieces all the more interesting to the serious collector.

The markings on these pieces are a little confusing as well. The first ones to be produced were numbered on the bottom by hand and a Certificate of Authenticity issued. The ones still on the shelves or not yet shipped were marked only "Norman Rockwell by LLadro," with no numbering. In some cases, the Norman Rockwell has been removed. Also, no flower appears above the name of LLadro on any of these pieces, causing many collectors to doubt their authenticity. But be assured - these are authentic LLadro figurines and highly desirable pieces at that.

Many manufacturers have tried to reproduce Norman Rockwell paintings, but none have created results as beautiful as the LLadro pieces. And for the American LLadro collectors these are even more special. LLadro has given us both a beautiful LLadro Figurine and a piece of Americana. On behalf of thousands of LLadro collectors we say, "Thank you, LLadro!"


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