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Ref.: Model: Year: Color: License Plate:
7017 Fiesta I 1976 Beige V 1976
7504 Fiesta I 1976 Off-White V 1976
?? Fiesta I 1976 Light Blue V 1976
7507 Escort 1990 Blue-Grey 1990
7508 Fiesta II 1989 Beige 1989


Fords made in two Valencia factories

Most visitors to Valencia, Spain, arrive by air or train. Those that do come by car usually come on the highway from Madrid. If you've ever visited the LLadro factory in Valencia this is probably the way you came.

Very few visitors to Valencia approach by car from the south, but if you do you will notice a very large Ford automobile assembly plant on your left as you reach the outskirts of Valencia.

The Valencia Ford assembly plant opened in 1976 with the production of the small Ford Fiesta automobile. With the grand opening of the factory, Ford officials called upon another Valencia based company to produce a special gift to commemorate the opening of the new plant. LLadro was asked to make a small porcelain model of the Fiesta automobile that the new Ford factory would produce. These small cars were a special gift to Ford executives, Ford dealers in Spain, and selected Spanish officials.

There does not appear to be any good record of exactly how many cars were produced but we do know that none were sold, but instead they were all gifts from Ford to selected recipients. The first Ford Fiesta can be identified by the license plate V-1976. In Spain each province has its letter abbreviation at the start of all license plate numbers, and the "V" stands for "Valencia". (You may have noticed that all of the larger, limited edition antique cars have license plates starting with "LL" which appears to stand for either "LLadro" or "LLadro Limited"... the number on the antique cars is the first year of production of that piece.)

About 13 years later the Ford assembly plant made plans for two significant changes: a major facelift to the design of the Ford Fiesta and the addition of the assembly of the Ford Escort to the factory. Again, LLadro was called upon to manufacture two special porcelain cars for Ford. The new design of the Ford Fiesta is designated as the "Mark 2" and Lladro assigned reference 7508 to this model. The car is a shade of beige in color. About this same time the plant began production of the Ford Escort and LLadro assigned reference 7507 to the Escort. The Escort model is blue-gray in color and has the year 1990 on the license plate... no "V" this time.

For whatever reason it seems that the Ford Fiesta is somewhat easier to find and several have found their way into the USA and they have even been sold at the national auctions.

On the other hand, the Ford Escort is a surprise even to the most knowledgeable collectors and until recently its existance was unknown to most. To our knowledge the Escort has never appeared in auction and is not only very rare here, but very difficult to find even in Spain.

We have the oldest and rarest:
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