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1555 East Glendale Avenue - Phoenix, Arizona 85020 USA
Phone: (602) 395-9974 FAX: (602) 241-0702



Important Information

  1. We are not a Broker. We own every piece that we sell. This is important to you, the buyer, because Brokers haven't even seen the merchandise that they advertise and it can take them weeks to get your order to you. When we say "Mint/Perfect", we know, because we own the piece. We can provide quick, fast, virtually immediate delivery, too.

  2. All items guaranteed to be in perfect condition, in original box, with certificate where applicable. Note that since these are pre-owned, secondary market items, the condition of the box may not be 'mint' or 'retail-store-new' in every case. Buyer understands and accepts this condition relative to the box.

  3. Swarovski, LLadro and Disney Classics are among the hottest collectibles in the world today, despite an overall slowdown in the collectibles market. The secondary market continues active and due to constantly changing availability we do not offer on-line "shopping cart" type purchases. Please phone or email for the latest availability.

  4. PURCHASE TERMS: - Add $10 packing/shipping/insurance charge to each piece for USA delivery. We are not an authorized dealer of new merchandise; trademarks such as Swarovski or Lladro are used here for identification purposes only. Our objective is to offer the lowest possible prices. To do this we have no "800" phone numbers.....and we do not accept credit cards for purchases under $2,000. For purchases under $2,000, we accept payment by CASHIER'S CHECK, MONEY ORDER or BANK WIRE TRANSFER. We also accept personal checks but will wait ten business days for your check to clear.

  5. WE BUY SWAROVSKI PIECES AND EMPTY BOXES & CERTIFICATES: We are always buying Collector's Society (club) pieces, Dumbos, or member only pieces. We will also pay cash for certain empty boxes and for Certificates for the Collector's Society Annual Editions (NOT the 2" square Zertifikat / Certificate booklet found in nearly every regular Swarovski item.) CALL, FAX, or EMAIL US IF YOU HAVE ANY SWAROVSKI ITEMS YOU WOULD LIKE TO SELL.


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